Conflict Coach Training

Conflict Coach Training

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is becoming increasing popular for diffusing and resolving conflicts before situations spin out of control, and sometimes it is used after the dust has settled but there is still significant tension remaining.

It can be used as a preventative or proactive measure when companies are dealing with significant change and before tensions have the chance to reach an intolerable level. In addition, conflict coaching is valuable before or after mediation or in place of a mediation, to address a specific dispute when only one party is willing to participate. It can also be used to help executives, managers, and other leaders develop more effective communication and conflict resolution skills even when there are no burning issues or crisis to address.

Do I need Conflict Coach Training?

Conflict Coach workshops and training courses offered by John Curtis will employ a variety of tools, techniques and conceptual frameworks for analyzing conflict. Participants will learn to work with people one-on-one to help them gain a new perspective on their conflicts and uncover new possibilities for resolution.

Dynamic and engaging classes for groups or individuals can be tailored to your needs and will feature opportunities for interactive, real-world teachings, and personalized coaching and feedback.

Conflict coach training is extremely valuable for human resource professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, mediators, coaches, and anyone responsible for building and managing strong teams and organizations.

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