How We Work

Ideally, workplace conflicts can be resolved through collaborative methods, including mediation, facilitation or just talking things through amongst colleagues, but when allegations of harassment, sexual harassment or violence are made, employers are required to investigate. Sometimes an internal management investigator will be seen as biased no matter how careful they may be about the investigation process.

With extensive investigation experience and in-depth knowledge of conflict in the workplace, John Curtis and Larissa Donovan conduct thorough, and objective investigations that safeguard the legal interests and rights of the organization and its employees. As an investigative team, their reports are comprehensive and designed to discourage parties from arbitrating or litigating management decisions based on their findings. John and Larissa’s approach aims at achieving closure on the issues in the most cost-effective way available given the unique circumstances of each case.

About John

John Curtis

Lawyer, Mediator, Investigator

John Curtis is a lawyer, mediator, investigator, and 2004 Olympic athlete in the sport of sailing whose practice is focused on resolving workplace conflict.

John has experience with a variety of workplace contexts including: municipal government, county government, community colleges, school boards, long-term care homes, restaurants, police services, paramedic services, and more. Combining his skills as a lawyer with the discipline, dedication, and passion that established him as an Olympian, John now helps organizations navigate their way through those conflicts that need outside assistance to resolve.

John has been working in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution for 19 years both as a practitioner and educator. He has been a sessional lecturer at Queen’s University Law School and the Corporate Learning Trainer at St. Lawrence College, and was a lead instructor and principal with the Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario from its inception.

John earned both his Hon. B.A. in Philosophy and his Law Degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he now lives, works, and sails with his wife Kathleen and their children Jamie, Annika, Mitch, and Josh.

About Larissa Donovan

Larissa Donovan

Lawyer, Mediator, Investigator

Larissa is a lawyer, mediator, and investigator. She was called the bar in 2022 after completing her articles with John Curtis Investigation and Mediation. Larissa has worked as an investigator since 2017.

Larissa is passionate about helping to create safer workplaces and, while in law school, she was awarded for her proficiency in the areas of human rights law and policy work. Larissa has published in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute of Canada and has contributed to projects designed to improve access to legal information for employers and employees.

Larissa’s specialized experience and knowledge include her degree in Gender Studies from Queen’s University, a diploma in Human Resources Management from St. Lawrence College, and her distinguished achievements in human rights law and public interest advocacy while attending Thompson Rivers University where she earned her JD. Larissa also holds certificates in Advanced Mediation Skills from the Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario and in Sexual and Gender Diversity from Queen’s University.

Larissa is an animal lover and you’re likely to find her pets making an appearance during virtual meetings. She loves hiking, gardening, and spending time in the local community.