We provide a range of Conflict Resolution Services in Kingston and South Eastern Ontario. Whether it’s direct and immediate third party intervention or the development of a structured training program to help you or your staff build the skills needed to solve problems from within, John and Larissa can help you better manage conflict and overcome obstacles.


Ideally, workplace conflicts can be resolved through collaborative methods, including mediation or facilitation. But when allegations of harassment or violence are made, and these approaches fail, employers are required to investigate. With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of conflict in the workplace, John and Larissa conduct thorough, objective investigations that safeguard legal interests and rights of the organization and it employees.

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Acting as a 3rd party neutral, we help organizations and individuals resolve conflict and fashion their own solutions. We have expertise in all manner of workplace conflict including harassment, wrongful dismissal, union grievances, etc. John and Larissa also have experience with a wide range of commercial disputes and insurance litigation.

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Conflict Coaching

Stuck in a conflict and can not see any tolerable solutions? We have experience working with senior managers who are confronted with managing conflict amongst and with their staff and with the organization for whom they work. Learning how to navigate conflict productively could be the most important thing you do to advance your career – or maybe just to stay on track.

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Negotiation Coaching

No matter what walk of life we come from, we all negotiate everyday. Whether you are preparing for a specific negotiation or already deeply immersed, John and Larissa can work with you to ensure you have the best opportunity to get the result you want.

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