Even the online workplace has conflict

Life certainly has changed a lot in recent weeks. If you’re lucky, your only concern is avoiding COVID-19. Others may have greater concerns, such as keeping our businesses running, caring for children or parents, lost income, or numerous other worries.

Hopefully, this is not you.

As many organizations around the world try to address the impacts of COVID-19, one of the challenges you may face is new or lingering difficulties in your workplace. Some employees may be having trouble adjusting to working remotely or may have personal situations that are interfering with work. Or, you may have a more difficult situation requiring investigation. 

I wanted to dust off this blog post of mine that summarizes the key points from Alison Love’s The Manager’s Guide to Mediating Conflict. Additionally, my Conflict Roadmap is a timeless resource to help you in navigating conflict. I hope these are helpful to you in this difficult time.

Should you find yourself in need of investigative help or advice, please reach out or consult my website for other free resources. I am conducting most of my interviews via webcam to do my part to #FlattenTheCurve and ensure my clients and their employees avoid illness. After all, the law doesn’t stop for pandemics!

I hope you stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.

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